About Us

Two and two made bamboo – and that made Obsession.

Obsession was born from a perfect fashion fusion. Discovery of a soft, supple and sustainable fabric matched with a clear call for comfortable seamlessly-fitting underwear. Throw in a lifelong passion for fashion, zest for comfort and genuine green ethos, and you have Obsession.

Fabric fantastic

At Obsession we have created a match made in heaven — a unique range of undergarments that nurture your body and nourish the environment. Sure our natural flair for fashion helps Obsession stand apart — yet the real hero behind our range is bamboo.

 Fashion begins with fabric, and few fabrics are as brilliant as bamboo. In a world where natural resources need passionate preservation bamboo is relentlessly renewable. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing plants you’ll find. So our bamboo spun underwear does not cost the earth or environment.

Yet green credibility is not the only reason to love bamboo. This superb plant translates into a luxuriously soft and breathable fabric that fits every wearer like a glove. Bamboo garments naturally whisk away moisture, odours and bacteria. Sound like a super fabric? We think it is. That’s why we chose bamboo as the textile for our stylish, comfortable and oh so soft underwear range.

Let Obsession take root

Obsession is a brand committed to ultimate customer satisfaction and wholly ethical fashion. Our roots lie in Australia, yet we share our ‘obsession’ around the globe.